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The Story of a Retainer Agency Talents in World of Change

Video created by intern

The Story of a Resilient Retainer Agency

The economic crisis in the creative industry, triggered by the epidemic, has demonstrated our agency’s resilience. The diversity of our industry and our flexibility in changing our services have shaped our team into what it is today. 

Our team operates from various locations in a hybrid setup, and in offices that serve as creative workshops, which bring our team closer together.

Our team’s mentality of prioritizing the best project outcomes has transformed every single employee of our retainer agency into lifelong learners, who can step out of their comfort zone whenever it is required.

How Toneyes transformed from a Design Agency into a Creative Retainer Agency

Toneyes began as a design agency, focusing on delivering unique and captivating designs for a diverse clientele. Over time, the company recognized a growing need for ongoing creative support and strategic collaboration. This insight led to a pivotal shift in its business model, transitioning from a traditional design agency to a creative retainer agency.

As a creative retainer agency, Toneyes now provides continuous creative services, ensuring that clients receive consistent, high-quality support across various projects. This transformation has allowed Toneyes to build stronger, long-term relationships with clients, offering them comprehensive solutions that extend beyond one-off design projects.

By adopting this retainer model, Toneyes can better understand clients’ evolving needs, contribute to their strategic growth, and deliver more impactful and cohesive creative solutions. This evolution reflects Toneyes’ commitment to innovation and excellence in the creative industry.