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Marketing Internship 2022 – Hugo & Victoria

Looking for an opportunity to gain practical experience in digital marketing while exploring the vibrant culture of Thailand? Look no further than Toneyes, a leading creative agency in Bangkok that offers internships to students and recent graduates looking to broaden their horizons and enhance their skill set. Just ask Hugo and Victoria, two interns from France who recently completed their internship at Toneyes and had an unforgettable experience.

New World Experiences

Hugo and Victoria came to Thailand with a strong desire to learn about digital marketing, including tools like Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign, as well as concepts like online marketing, SEO, and advertising campaigns. During their internship at Toneyes, they had the opportunity to work on a range of real-world projects for clients in a variety of industries, including e-commerce, tourism, and technology. Working on these projects allowed Hugo and Victoria to apply the skills they had learned in school to real-world scenarios, as well as to learn new skills that they had not encountered before. They also had the opportunity to work with other members of the Toneyes team, including designers, developers, and project managers, who were able to provide them with valuable feedback and guidance.

กุมภาพันธ์ 17, 2023

Harnessing Their Skills

But the internship at Toneyes was not just about technical skills. Hugo and Victoria also learned about the importance of stepping out of their comfort zones and taking initiative. Working in a fast-paced, dynamic environment alongside a team of talented professionals challenged them to think creatively, collaborate effectively, and communicate clearly. They also had the opportunity to attend networking events and workshops that helped them build their professional networks and learn about the latest trends in marketing and design. The value of independence and taking ownership of their work was another important lesson that Hugo and Victoria learned during their time at Toneyes. Under the guidance of their supervisor, they were encouraged to take the lead on projects and to think critically about the best ways to achieve their goals. This level of autonomy not only helped them build confidence in their own abilities, but also gave them a sense of pride in their work and the impact it could have on the client.

The Internship Outcome

Overall, the internship at Toneyes was an incredible experience for Hugo and Victoria. They were able to gain valuable experience in digital marketing, as well as to learn about Thai culture and explore the vibrant city of Bangkok. They would recommend Toneyes to anyone looking for an internship that combines professional development with personal growth and adventure.