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Graphic Design Internships: A Powerhouse That Shaped Our Agency

This is a story about how an agency designed their internship program that is attracting so many students around the country to learn and experience the real creative industry.

The Creating of an Internship Program

Since 2015, Toneyes has been actively recruiting young and talented individuals through their graphic design Internship program. In the early days of the Agency, they understood the importance of training the upcoming generation of designers to pave the way forward in the design industry. Our vision for the graphic design internship program focuses on the concept of the “Why?”, “What?”, and “How?”. The answers are simple:

1. Why?
we have created the graphic design internship program to keep Toneyes as a platform for a new leading generation of passionate designers seeking to learn and grow in a creative environment that focuses on only producing the highest standards. 

2. How? 

Through a selective recruitment process, we look for interns with a passion for learning and an eye for creativity. As design trends are always evolving, interns bring forth new perspectives and ideas that will benefit your team as well as finding new ways to be creative can spark motivation within the team.

3. What?

Offering a good internship program means offering a professional workspace to give upcoming designers the opportunity to apply their knowledge of theory into practice and develop their skills. Through investing time into training, we focus on enhancing the quality of work and design standards of interns that showcases through our project portfolio.

The above answers set the foundation and build up our code of conduct for our graphic design internship program. A successful internship program is building a safe and respectful place for growth and learning. With this, motivation, creativity, and new ideas will fall into place.

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Turning Internships into a Force

Training interns is no simple task. Therefore, our recruitment program focuses on bringing in quality interns that show the motivation and skill set needed to thrive in the working environment. After accepting a new intern into our program, the introduction phase starts off by enhancing the foundations of their own knowledge and eventually strengthens their confidence to initiate a smooth transition into the team. We give our interns the same respect that we give our other employees to build trust within the team and practice to become independent thinkers.

Guarantee a Win Win Situation

Having a graphic design internship program can bring many benefits to both sides.

On one end, interns gain an immense amount of industry experience that begins the foundation of their career, while still providing them with a controlled environment to learn with supervision. Successful candidates are also likely to receive a job opportunity at the end of the internship, which brings additional motive to do well and succeed.

Whereas, on the other hand, the agency receives the insights and ideas of young, talented individuals that can bring new perspectives that can showcase in your projects. Bringing motivation to the team to collaborate on interesting ideas and produce quality outcomes. Additionally, graphic design internships generate endless amounts of marketing opportunities. Whether it be, working on a new showreel for that year, generating social media content, or conceptualizing new product ideas for your agency. These are just a select few of the kinds of projects that can boost production and engagement with your clientele and within the team while also giving your interns the freedom they need to be creative and the training they need to elevate their skillset.

Internships as Recruitment Platform

At Toneyes, 80% of our employees have been recruited through our graphic design internship program. By investing time training our interns, the team is able to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses and integrate them into a full time position within the agency. Meanwhile, interns often decide to continue their training with us long term as they have dedicated the time to understand the processes and structure of the company, and with familiarity are able to initiate the starting point of their career.

Benefits of an Internships

Internship programs construct a solid model as a recruitment process. It gives assurances of the quality and performance outcomes after hiring. More so, the inputs and ideas that the upcoming generation can offer in the creative industry is a plus for generating new and interesting concepts for project development. With no doubt, hiring young individuals with a sense of ambition and drive can bring a new source of energy to your company and will showcase into the work that is produced.

Benefits for the Interns

There is only so much that the universities can prepare you for in regards to real world work experiences. That’s why graphic design internship programs are a great opportunity for young creatives to explore the industry in order to explore what kind of design field is the best path for their own career. It acts as a base point to apply the theoretical knowledge you learned in school to practice in the real world design industry experience.

How do we get Interns?

As part of our internship program, our interns are required to create an internship showcase video that showcases their internship experiences at our agency. These are used as advertisements displayed on our website, social media and on google. By giving interns a memorable experience, it is almost guaranteed that they will tell others. Once a new internship position opens up, the senior interns then start recommending to the juniors from their universities, and with that sense of familiarity and good recommendations, applications will start knocking on your door again soon enough.