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Fox Depot Brand Development


Furniture Wholesale Switzerland


Branding, Brand Development, Hosting, IT Support, Marketing Materials

About the Project

Fox Depot is a brand in Switzerland that counts major companies such as Conforama among its clients. We were involved¬† in the continuous brand development and web maintenance of Fox Depot. We are proud to say that Fox was one of our agency’s first clients, and we have now reached 10 years of collaboration. We have worked on multiple web projects and marketing materials since 2014.

Brand Development of the Fox

The Fox is a brand that came to Toneyes in 2014. Since then, we have been working annually to prepare custom brand marketing materials for an international furniture fair.

The brand development of The Fox has been active for 10 years, and our agency has collaborated with the client on diverse brand campaigns that change every year.

Hire Branding Agency to improve your Brand

Maintaining and building a brand requires time and a dedicated creative team. Toneyes provides a full team with the necessary skills in art direction, design, marketing concepts, videography, graphic design, and web development.

The advantage of hiring Toneyes is that we absorb the time and cost of maintaining a team. For example, with Fox, we have been a consistent agency partner, building their brands for over a decade.

Screenshots of FOX brand development
mockup of the export packagings
mockup of Fox's Keycard setup

Web Maintenance

A website or a web application is not a one-time setup project. A website, and specifically a web application, requires constant development and maintenance to keep the content dynamic. Toneyes offers support solutions to our clients, ensuring constant service.

webshop mockup of the FoxMyhome website where our agency assists with the continuous web maintenance