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Avant Meats Brand Setup


Food, Cosmetic and Laboratory Cultivation. 


Branding, Logo Design, Explainer Video, Web Design, Sales Presentations.

About the Project

Avant Meats, a pioneering cell-based seafood producer with operations in Singapore and Hong Kong, has successfully secured Series A funding. The round was led by S2G Ventures, a firm known for its investments in sustainable sectors including food, agriculture, ocean resources, and clean energy. This financial boost will propel Avant Meats further in its mission to innovate within the seafood industry.

Toneyes collaborated with Avant on their umbrella brand, which includes subbrands such as Avie and Zellulin.

avant avie zellullin organisation

Brand Setup

Toneyes Agency played a pivotal role in establishing the Zellulin brand by crafting comprehensive branding guidelines and enhancing its identity through motion graphics projects and explainer videos. 

Additionally, Toneyes successfully rebranded Avant Meats and Avie, refreshing their visual presence with new color spectrums and launching new websites for each brand. 

This strategic overhaul aimed to modernize their image and improve their digital footprint, aligning them more closely with current market trends and audience preferences.

Custom Marketing Materials

Our agency specializes in crafting custom marketing materials for Avant Meats brands. From engaging explainer videos to informative presentations, brochures, and factsheets, we provide a comprehensive suite of tools. These resources are meticulously designed to boost the visual communication capabilities of our sales and consulting teams. By improving information dissemination and enhancing presentation skills, we empower teams to effectively engage and convert potential clients.

Custom Marketing Materials Avant Meats

Website Service

Our agency has also worked with this client on various website projects required for the Avant Meats umbrella brand.

All websites include services such as hosting, tech support, and website setups, which also form the foundation for each individual sub-brand under Avant Meats.

Avie brand Setup Guidelines
avie colors scheme

Brand Setup

The Zellulin Brand Setup is a great example of startups hiring our agency to set up their brand. Starting with the communication of the brand concept and strategy, logo design, sample product, packaging design, website, and the preparation of the image video.

Toneyes had the chance to work on a 3-month brand setup project for Zellulin to create its identity.

Zellulin Brand Setup Logo
Zellulin Brand Guidelines for the first Bradn Setup
Zellulin Packaging Design
Zellulin Motion Graphics Storyboard